DTLA 101: Baby King, Boozy Cocktails & Couscous Bowls (April 2018)

We here at DTLAer used to have issues with walking out of restaurants in Downtown LA that simply weren’t up to snuff. DTLA 101 is your list of DTLAer-approved restaurants and bars worthy of your time and money. From dive bars to celebrating your friend’s overnight cryptocurrency success, DTLA 101 runs the gamut of the myriad food and drink selections Downtown LA has to offer.

With our apologies to Fundamental DTLA, here’s this month’s list:

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  • Palikao – A unique and healthy option focusing on couscous bowls that stands out thanks to incredible flavors brought to life by chef Lionel Pigeard.
  • Hama Sushi – Some of the freshest cuts in town fashioned in a classic manner by OG sushi masters. Pro tip: Ask to have shrimp heads added to your miso soup if you order the sweet shrimp sushi.
  • Sari Sari Store – Delicious Filipino rice bowls from Margarita and Walter Manzke inside Grand Central Market. Everything on the menu is worthy of your time and money, but perhaps nothing more so than the breakfast sandwich.
  • Majordomo – Expect Jonathan Gold to be seated one table away and the Baby King himself to be working the room at what’s currently the hottest restaurant in town, and perhaps country.
  • Everytable – Located near the entrance to the Metro at the Bloc, this local franchise offers filling and incredibly reasonable fare that’s actually good for you.
  • Apotheke – Literally across the street from Majordomo, the cocktails here are certainly notable, but the outdoor vibes are by far the best Downtown LA has to offer.
  • Guisados – We could eat the breakfast tacos here every single day, but that would make for a boring Instagram account.
  • Funculo – Housed in Corporation Food Hall on Spring Street, this fast casual Italian spot might make the best meatballs in Downtown LA. The custom pasta bowls are also a strong choice.
  • Cow Cafe – There are plenty of restaurants that offer avocado toast and iced match lattes, but this comfortable neighborhood eatery just does it better.
  • Broken Mouth | Lee’s Homestyle – You won’t go wrong ordering anything on the menu at Broken Mouth, but the spam musubi is what will keep you coming back to this Fashion District Hawaiian cafe.
  • The Urban Oven – Almost hidden behind the escalator leading to the lower of the Bloc, The Urban Oven makes up for a less than ideal location with a variety of memorable pizza offerings that are made to order.

Want to suggest a spot for May’s list? Give us a shout at dan [at] dtlaer.com.

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