DTLA 101: Craft Beer, Italian Fare & Fried Chicken Sandwiches (March 2018)

We here at DTLAer used to have issues with walking out of restaurants in Downtown LA that simply weren’t up to snuff. DTLA 101 is your list of DTLAer-approved restaurants and bars worthy of your time and money. From dive bars to celebrating your friend’s overnight cryptocurrency success, DTLA 101 runs the gamut of the myriad food and drink selections Downtown LA has to offer.

buy tadalis sx With our apologies to Little Damage, here’s this month’s list:

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  • Bar Ama – Not much beats chips, queso, and a margarita at the bar here. Except maybe their puffy tacos.
  • NoMad Lobby – Delicious burger, desserts & cocktails in one of the most beautiful spaces in town.
  • Eko Eats – Sneaky good Korean bone broth, excellent customer service, and one of the fasted turnarounds on Postmates in DTLA.
  • Birdies – Slings fried chicken sandwiches at a level just a notch below Howlin’ Ray’s but there’s never a wait. Some of the most innovative and Instagram-friendly donuts anywhere in the city.
  • Fresh Order Grill – Portion size is no joke here and Chef Al Greene is masterful at bringing out flavor in the simplest of dishes.
  • Rossoblu – One of the most all-encompassing dining experiences in Los Angeles that highlights the wonders of Northern Italian cuisine. Be sure to arrive early in order to grab a drink at the bar before dinner.
  • Manuela – Quality brunch and cocktails housed in a truly unique venue. An even stronger value with the use of the locals gold card.
  • Bernadette’s – Conjures memories of basement drinking at the coolest kid in high school’s house, but with way better beer and wine.
  • IL Bambino – Completely off the radar casual Italian that eats like a vastly more expensive meal.
  • Sakana Sushi Lounge – Approaches the freshness seen at the likes of Sugarfish and KazuNori, but with a more innovative menu at a digestible price point.
  • Little Bear – A neighborhood spot that isn’t trying to be more than the burgers and craft beer it humbly serves. The kind of place where you can just saddle up to the bar alone on a Tuesday afternoon and comfortably nurse a drink.

Want to suggest a spot for April’s list? Give us a shout at dan [at] dtlaer.com

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