Fate Of Popular Indian Restaurant Shrouded In Mystery

Closed? Gill’s status remains unclear.

here The future of Gill’s, a beloved Indian restaurant on Grand inside the Stillwell Hotel, is perhaps a mystery to all but the building’s landlord and Gill himself.

Chatter on Facebook surrounding the eatery led DTLAer to investigate in hopes of gaining clarity. The above sign greets patrons immediately upon entering the hotel and a conversation with the front desk clerk revealed that the restaurant had been closed for a month with no set date to return. This information, however, conflicts with what has been posted on Yelp as the locale appears to have shut down operations at the end of September 2017 with a return date of January 2018. Another post suggests Gill’s has shut down for good thanks to increased rents by the landlord. Efforts to contact the restaurant via phone were met with a disconnected number and emails remain unreturned, but the official website for Gill’s does show a 2018 copyright date.

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