Fresh Order Grill Set For Early March Opening At Spring Street Arcade

A shrimp rice bowl loaded with vegetables at Fresh Order Grill.

follow Nestled near the center of the Spring Street Arcade, the unassuming storefront of Fresh Order Grill belies the powerful punch of flavor chef/proprietor Al Greene plans to pack into his forthcoming rice bowls. There’s no holding back as he boasts of his ability to make “five vegetables not taste like vegetables” in a testament to his prowess in the kitchen. Greene, a seasoned culinary veteran by way of South Atlanta, will mark the opening of his fourth restaurant once he fires up the grills at his first Los Angeles location as early as the first week of March. The menu at Fresh Order Grill, built around rice bowls and salads, will also feature cheesesteaks and salmon sliders, which will include arugula, diced tomato, and cucumber sauce topped with mozzarella. Look for entree prices to cap out around $10 and vegan-friendly options ranging from grilled vegetables to cashew cheese to round out the menu, along with drinks & dessert.

Fresh Order Grill | 541 S. Spring St. | Los Angeles, CA 90013

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