Gizmo’s Cereal Bar Opens Friday In Downtown LA’s Historic Core

buy Topiramate online canada Downtown LA’s first self-serve cereal bar is set to open on Friday, April 20, which just so happens to coincide with the biggest marijuana holiday of the year. Gizmo’s Cereal Bar will offer patrons the opportunity choose from a variety of different flavored cereals to create their own take on the breakfast classic. From the time-honored Lucky Charms and Fruit Loops to outrageous offerings including Thin Mint-flavored cereal, Gizmo’s selection of cereals may be elevated by the customer thanks to its robust toppings bar. There’s no word just yet on the store’s hours, but expect the cereal bar to eventually settle in as an all-day eatery.

“Stays crunchy, even in milk!”

Gizmo’s Cereal Bar | 215 W. 6th St. #109 | Los Angeles, CA 90014

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