The Game Plan: How To Eat & Drink At The Music Center

So you just scored tickets to the latest Pulitzer Prize-winning play at the Mark Taper Forum and you’re not sure how food and drink enter the equation. The show starts at 8 p.m. and you’re definitely not getting out of there until at least 10/10:30 so some sort of strategy needs to be implemented unless of course you’re comfortable eating previously frozen octopus at Blacksmiths. We here at DTLAer have you covered.

buy femara canada Pre-Show Drink: Otium

Let’s face it – it’s LA so the weather probably won’t suck and you’ll want to be outside. The move is to order a drink at the bar inside Otium and make your way to the outdoor fire pits. The food is strong, albeit pricey, so grab a few small plates or raw bar to start the night off right. During The Show: Pre-order your drink for intermission

Head over to the theater with enough time to order another drink, but you’ll go inside instead of hitting one of the outdoor bars housed at The Music Center. You’ll have the opportunity to knock one back before curtain call and arrange for a drink to be waiting for you during the intermission. The wine options at the Mark Taper Forum are sneaky good and the bartenders are known to give generous pours. Post-Show Drink & Food: The BoardRoom

You’ll enter through the parking garage attached to Kendall’s to find yourself in a jazz speakeasy replete with live music and solid eats. Think pub fare with a French twist that’s meant to be shared along with a laundry list of signature cocktails. Pro tip: An Alexander Hamilton or two wouldn’t be the worst way to ensure a choice table especially on busier nights.

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