Where We’re Drinking This Weekend: Traxx

We here at DTLAer have been known to imbibe a whiskey (or two) from time to time. From dives that give you a key to use the restroom to cocktail lounges serving drinks expensive enough to cover a bang bang at Howlin’ Ray’s & Eastside Market Italian Deli, DTLAer will be highlighting the best watering holes Downtown LA has to offer. Pull up a stool, grab a beer, and we’ll let you in on where we’re drinking this weekend.

You had a rough week. Your boss bawled his eyes out in your office because he can’t find true love in this town and you just got demoted to left bench on the company softball team because the SVP’s brother-in-law played two months of Rookie ball for the Marlins. You’re going to need a pitstop at a place where you can catch some of the Lakers game on a shitty TV before you take the Red Line home and ponder where things went wrong.

Or maybe you didn’t. Maybe you had one of those magical weeks where your wife pretended to cook a healthy dinner on a Tuesday night only to pull away a tablecloth revealing five boxes of pies from Pizzana that were secretly disguised as a table. And that cryptocurrency the kid in the mailroom convinced you to buy? It just tripled in value. You want to finish the week on a high note at spot known equally for its people watching opportunities and heavy handed pours.

Either way, you’re going to Traxx.

Housed on the right-hand side of Union Station upon entrance to the structure, Traxx can be anything you need it to be and nothing you don’t. Forget about the food options (it’s a Postmates night, who are we kidding?), and unless you absolutely have to have a beer, you’re sticking to spirits and a simple drink at that: whiskey ginger or perhaps a rum and Coke. It’s going to be packed, so you’ll quietly wait in line, place your order, and forego the tables in favor of the cushioned bench immediately to the right of the bar so you can take it all in. It’s no Apotheke, but it will be a damn fine drink and that’s exactly what you need after the terrible/great week you just had.

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Traxx | 800 N. Alameda St. | Los Angles, CA 90012

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